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Let us introduce ourselves. 

K2 Productions is a boutique production company specializing in teleprompting, coordinating and producing. We demonstrate a high level of confidence, strong organizational skills, calmness under pressure, and a drive to exceed the expectations of our clients. K2 is based in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices coast to coast. 

Why us.

Our first goal is to enable our clients to excel in the delivery of their message in a clear and concise way.

We start by helping you create a thoughtful and compelling story for your audience. We work closely with you to bring this story to life in your event or presentation to make it both engaging and memorable.

We lead with a simple approach… our clients come first. We work to ensure our clients' needs are met and exceeded. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt quickly and to successfully overcome any challenge.


Why we do this.

  • We believe in flawless execution.
  • We deliver success.

  • We love people.


Teleprompting ...We put words in people's mouths

Teleprompting enables a speaker to deliver natural and engaging speeches and presentations while always remaining connected to the audience. Our state of the art equipment and services will help you perform your very best, every time.

On-Camera Prompters

• Used on video shoots for talent to speak directly to camera.

• Systems range in sizes from 10 to 19 inches.

• Capable of both indoor and outdoor usage.


Presidential and Rise & Fall Prompters

• Glass system which is mounted around a lectern on stage.

• Can be automatically adjusted to different speaker heights with a preset function.


Downstage Monitors

• Best for speakers who want the ability to roam the stage.

• Speakers can make eye contact with the entire crowd, while still seeing their words from anywhere they walk.


Coordinating  ...We streamline processes

Our coordinating team oversees all of the personnel and media involved in a corporate event. The team manages everything from logistics and event schedules to general production and film crews. As the gatekeeper of information, the coordinator pulls everything together, while aligning all key elements seamlessly.


Script Coordinator

• Oversee all script changes.

• Collaborate with graphics department to ensure continuity.

• Confirm that speech and supporting visuals flow appropriately.

• Manage version control.


Production Coordinator

• Deliver information pertinent to the show to all parties involved.

• Organize travel, logistics, rehearsals, and all crew meetings.

• Supervise the staff and personnel.

• Serve as the central hub of information both on and off site.

Producing ...We put the "pro" in production

We bring years of experience in different roles, connecting the dots with on-the-job knowledge to produce the perfect video shoot or event.

A Few of our Clients.


Let's Collaborate.

Email all inquiries to: contact@k2-productions.com

President: Katie Nichols (katie@k2-productions.com)

Vice President of Operations: Jacqui Barr (jacqui@k2-productions.com)

Office: 404.239.9955

Jacqui Barr: VP of Operations    Katie Nichols: President

Jacqui Barr: VP of Operations    Katie Nichols: President